Stainless Steel – the Superhero of the Construction World

Stainless Steel – the Superhero of the Construction World

Imagine a world that took safety railing for granted? Visions of people falling off their balcony, down staircases, into zoo enclosures and even being thrown overboard at sea spring to mind. Stainless Steel in an ocean environment is a no brainer for a multitude of reasons and can be used in many components of ship construction.

Stainless Steel for the Sea

Humidity and air generate a natural layer of chromium oxide which protects the surface area of stainless steel and gives it regeneration properties. A marine environment is perfectly suited for stainless steel and this corrosion resistance as well as the need to meet marine safety standards, with the added benefit of a reduced weight per square metre, make it a highly sought after material when regarding railing and related uses in naval engineering.

Temperature Extremes – Bring it On!

Freak accidents happen and even fire at sea is not a foreign concept. Stainless steel not only holds the title of being the most resistant to fire of all metallic materials, but also exudes no toxic fumes as it demonstrates the ability to endure temperatures of up to 800 Degrees Celsius.
On the flipside of that, extremely low temperatures have been known to cause other metals to become brittle. With the ability to retains its rigidity and strength in such circumstances, stainless steel is the superhero of the
metal world.

Composition is Key

The components in stainless steel make it durable, strong, reliable as well as pliable and easy to work with when
it comes to bending, hydroforming, stamping and welding – think faster and more cost-efficient construction as well
as quality metal manipulation & manufacture from suppliers!

A Timeless Finish

Easy-to-clean and robust surfaces make it an absolute dream to maintain post-construction. Stainless steel is a timeless metal with a look that has remained a crowd pleaser due to its aesthetic appeal for decades. For further information on this brilliant material or for stainless steel in Cape Town, contact the Kwalkraft team or visit their website.

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