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Additional Safety
One of the main reasons people install grab rails is because it offers additional safety and support around their workplace and home. There are specific places where grab rails are mounted in the workplace and at home, where the extra support is most needed. A common area to have grab rails is in and around the bathroom, especially inside the shower.

The Improved Stability
Having grab rails installed can also offer a greater piece of mind for you if your loved ones are staying in a home or you cannot always be around to help them. If you own a business where other people are making use of your premises, like a restaurant or hotel, it’s important to have support rails in the stairways and bathrooms for the elderly and disabled patrons.

Slipping Protection
It is quite common for elderly people to slip and fall and injure themselves. An official report was released by the Western Australian Government stating that one in four people aged 60 years or older will experience a fall every year. Many of these accidents that occur are because elderly people do not have enough environmental support. By installing hand rails in specific parts of your home, you can potentially reduce the chances of an accident, like slipping and falling.

Taking Pressure Off Joints
Having grab rails available can also assist in taking some of the pressure off of sore or weak joins when standing or sitting sown. You will be able to apply all of your weight onto the grab rails thus taking the pressure off of your joints. You then also have some added stability once standing up.

Increasing Mobility
Another advantage to having grab rails installed in your home is greatly increasing your mobility. When you have grab rails installed around your home, it gives you back your independence and will allow you to move more freely.

At Kwal Kraft we specialise in the manipulation of stainless steel. We manufacture all types of grab rails and other stainless steel products. Visit our website on or give us a call on 021 552 3106 for more information.

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