Commonly Installed Fire Protection Systems

Commonly Installed Fire Protection Systems

There are many protection systems that can be used to secure your business or home, some more suitable for factories and others better fitted in private homes.

High Velocity Spray Systems

Water has always been the most used fire suppression method. High velocity spray systems can either be automatic, triggered when a fire is sensed or manually activated in case of a fire. As soon as it is activated water transports through pipes and released through nozzles fitted onto the pipes in pre-determined high risk areas. High Velocity Spray Systems are typically used in areas where flammable liquids or oils are used.

Smoke Detective Systems

Detecting a fire as early as possible is crucial to limit damage to property or harm to humans or animals. Highly sensitive smoke detective systems can help you put out the fire or even help you prevent it before it spreads from its source. Air is continuously circulated through the smoke detector sending out an alert as soon as it picks up an irregularity. Early detection sends an alert before activating fire suppression. Often early detected fire can be put out using portable fire extinguishers.

Gaseous Extinguishing Systems

Gaseous extinguishing systems extinguishes fires by removing oxygen from the air. A common gaseous extinguishing system is Co2 Extinguishing systems. These are often used in server rooms, IT related businesses, call centres, art galleries, basically anywhere where you would want to limit the damage of your property. Nitrogen, Argon are also gasses used for fire suppression extinguishing by smothering the fire.

Harmful Gas Detection Systems

Gasses when inhaled can be deadly to humans, often these gasses can’t be smelled or seen, using a toxic gas detection system alerts you as soon as it is detected in the air. Toxic gas detectors are not only used in industries that are at risk of gas leaks but are growing more popular in private homes around the world.

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