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Choosing Handrails: Why Bent-Up Weld-In Bends

You may not think, then when selecting handrails for your next construction project, that the type of welding or manufacturing process used, could make all the difference to the cost, lifespan and quality of the rail you select. However, the difference that this can make is substantial, and therefor so is your choice of stainless steel manufacturer, since you need to make sure that they can provide you with options. Personally, we have found that bent-up rails are better, more effective and more cost-effective than weld-bends, and here are the reasons why.

No Need for Weld-Stitching
Weld-stitching, which is typical of weld-in bends, generally adds a few more steps to the manufacturing and treatment process when creating rails. Bent-up rails, on the other hand, or formed during manufacturing and have a fixed shape, meaning that orders can be rendered ready in far less time.

Quicker Installation and Manufacturing
Because of the abovementioned point, manufacturing bent-up bars can be done in far less time than weld-in rails can. This will contribute to faster completion times for your construction project, and will therefore cost you less.

Built to Spec
Bend-up rails are generally designed to the specifications of the customer ordering them. This means that they will fit to the exact measurements and style that you have in mind. Because of this, if you want, no two hand-rails need to be the same, you can customise your heart out as long as your manufacturer has the capacity to facilitate it.

Better Structural Integrity
Weled joints are strong, there is no denying that, however they are not as structurally sound as a solid, single piece of material. Because of this, specifically cases bent-up joints are much stronger and last significantly longer than welded ones, and also require less maintenance to keep them in top condition.

Contact Kwalkraft for Details
To find out more about how you can benefit from having a bent-up joint handrail manufactured for your next construction project, contact a representative from Kwalkraft today, or visit our website for additional details.

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