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Tips for tube bending

The techniques you would use when bending pipes and tubes with a tube bender are fairly easy. The only way to learn anything new is through trial and error but you can probably skip a few steps by learning from experienced tube benders. The below tips on tube bending should help catapault you to becoming a successful tube bender.

Tips for Pipe Bending When Using a Pipe Bender:

Here are some tips from tube bending experts that should help you to get a perfect bend every time:

    1. If you are going to use a hydraulic pipe bender, make sure the size of the roller and the former are both the precise size for the pipe
    2. Pipes are generally secured at one end. While they are secure, you need to measure the length of the pipe from the centre, this will give you an accurate measurement.
    3. You will have to practice bending until you perfect the motion. A quick, swift movement is always better and you will achieve a smoother bend.
    4. Pipes have a natural spring to them and once you complete a bend, the pipe will bounce back slightly. This means that if you would like to achieve the perfect amount of bend, you will over bend the pipe a little so that it bounces back to where it’s actually supposed to be. It is extremely difficult to unbend a pipe that is over bent so you will need to know the exact amount spring back that is going to occur.
    5. Lighter metals such as steel tubes or aluminium do tend to crimp when bent so it is important to exercise caution. You can avoid this completely though by adding a firmer material inside the hollow of the tube. The most commonly used material is sand. You need to compress the sand inside the tube. Some tube benders would use a combination of sand and a little water but this cannot be used when the bending produces heat because the heat will transform the water into steam and the steam can burst the pipe.

You need to pay attention to detail when using a tube bender to bend pipes. Bending the tubes in the correct way will ensure that the pipes last as long as possible and also function brilliantly. A pipe that is bent incorrectly could end up costing you a lot money wise and also in terms of output. This is why the correct process of tube bending has to be adhered to.

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