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A Need for Shower Seats

Shower chairs are slip resistant wheelchairs or seats built into a shower, along with metal grip bars that are manufactured for ease of use and safety precaution for physically impaired, elderly or people that suffer from low and high blood pressure and seizures.

Being elderly, physically impaired, suffering from irregular blood rates and seizures are all part of having mobility problems. You aren’t as fast, your reflexes don’t work as they should, your body doesn’t react well to changing temperatures, and you’re constantly uncomfortable, especially since most technologies aren’t made to suite your needs. And when they are, they’re extremely expensive.

Mobility problems with bathing when you’re much older and physically impaired is an epidemic on its’ own, even though it’s not often spoken about.
Thankfully companies like Kwalkraft custom make shower seats and grip bars along with your personal shower specifications.

Let’s discuss the implications or dangers of not taking safety precautions for mobile impaired people in the family.

Many people have suffered severely from falling into a bathtub or slipping in the shower. If you happen to bump your head, you could get a concussion and suffer from severe brain damage or may even die. You could also fall and break or fracture any other part of your body.

People living with irregular blood pressure are prone to dizziness in sudden rise in temperature. If there isn’t safety precaution taken, including not showers that aren’t too hot, they could faint and suffer severely.

What about just having a good shower and destressing? Shouldn’t everyone in the family be able to still do things normally, even though they’re different in one way or another? Relaxation and destressing in bathtubs and showers are also now hindered for family members with mobility problems. Shower chairs are sure to restore long overdue relaxation in showers for the physically impaired members of the family. Combined with carefully installed hand grips, they are able to easily move around safely.

Why should something bad happen before precautions are taken? Make the bathroom save and easy for all members of the family and install your shower chair and hand grip today!

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