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Why you need grab rails in your home

What do you think the most dangerous room in your house is? The kitchen, with all its sharp utensils, hot stoves and ovens? You would be wrong. The most dangerous room in your house is indeed the bathroom. People often slip and fall in bathrooms because of wet floors, etc and you can get really hurt, especially with glass shower doors in the mix.

People who are around 65 and above are particularly prone to falling as their balance isn’t what it once was and their bones and muscles have deteriorated. They become ever more prone to breaking and fracturing bones when they fall, hips are usually the most common. Elderly people are also prone to falling when getting on or off the toilet, especially when they are dehydrated or taking certain medications. When they stand up, they could get light headed and pass out or fall over.

But there are few people who have their bathrooms equipped with grab bars. Grab bars are pretty easy to explain, they are simple bars that can be installed in the shower or near the bath to help support a person while getting in and out and to also help them move around easier. They are most commonly seen in handicapped bathrooms, hospitals and old age nursing homes and they provide the extra support to people who need it. Here’s why you need to consider installing grab rails in your bathroom at home.

As our bodies get older, simple tasks such as sitting down and standing up again become more difficult because we don’t have the strength we once did. If you find yourself struggling to get on and off the toilet or in and out the bath then it’s time to install a grab rail, for your own safety.

If your elderly parents are living with you then it’s a good idea to install grab rails to help them be a little bit independent, especially when you are not able to help them in and out the bath.

Installing grab rails either side of the shower or toilet will definitely help you perform the activities you need to and it will greatly reduce the risk of injury caused by slipping or falling.

Kwalkraft specialise in the manufacture of all kinds of grab rails and we understand the importance of having strong, high quality grab rails that can catch you when no one else can.

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