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Make your Home Elderly Friendly

Getting older poses a number of challenges for life, the greatest of which often comes in the form of a physical disability to carry one’s own weight or to move around with ease. Because of this, homes and offices that expect foot traffic of elderly people can make these people’s lives easier by providing bits of infrastructure that can make mobility a little easier.

If you have been on a quest to make your living or working spaces more accessible to the elderly and disabled, here are a few products that can help you do just that.

Step by Step

A staircase can pose a major challenge to the elderly, and it can even be a risk as well.

When assisting the elderly and disabled, and keeping staircases in mind, providing ramps, hand-rails, or both is a good idea. This will eliminate the possibility of incurring injuries while making it easier for them to get around.

It is essential to try and keep any areas that would be frequently used by such individuals in easy to access locations. Having a bathroom downstairs will ensure that there are no panicked rushes to a loo that is difficult to reach.

In the bathroom

Those who are not afflicted by the challenges of age or disability may take for granted the ease at which we can enjoy our most private moments. Typically designed toilets and showers do little to accommodate for those with physical disabilities, which can make daily tasks surrounding personal hygiene difficult and stressful for them.

By supplying your bathroom with cranked, cistern or integrated toilet handrails, you can help make ablution a more dignified, private and risk-free affair.

Maintaining personal hygiene is a challenge for many elderly and disabled people, and it is an activity that most people take for granted. These challenges can be easily bypassed by outfitting your bathroom with corner mounted or fold-up shower seats as well as hand rails in the bath to assist with mobility for those who find getting out of the bath challenging without assistance.

In the bedroom

To ensure that your bedrooms are elderly friendly environments, it is wise to ensure that there is ample space in them to manoeuvre. A walk-in closet will also ensure that items can be stored at differing and safe to reach heights.

Also, consider replacing your common flip light-switch with rocker switches which are easier to operate; keep it near the bedside so that it can be easily reached without having to get up.

Call Kwal Kraft Today

If you would like information and pricing on obtaining high quality, stainless-steel products which are designed to ensure accessibility and mobility for those who are faced with physical challenges, contact a consultant from Kwalkraft today to find out more about our variety of products. We will all be old someday, so why not do what you can to make the elderly who are dear to you a little more comfortable?

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