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Who fold-up shower seats are for

So, you would much rather shower than bath but unfortunately you just can’t stand in the shower anymore, whether it’s due to an injury, joint problems, some kind of disease, or maybe you just find it difficult to shave your legs in the shower, you should consider getting yourself a shower seat. KwalKraft offer foldable shower seats which means it will be there when you need it and not there when you don’t.

People who should really consider getting a shower seat are:

Injured people
If you have an injured knee or ankle, it will be very difficult for you to shower, especially if you drop something while showering. In most cases you can’t put any weight on the injured leg which will cause your balance to be thrown off a bit. Poor balance could lead to you slipping and falling in the shower and you can get hurt quite badly.

Elderly people
Let’s face it, your body is not at all what it used to be and showering has become a lot of effort for you. Often you may feel like you need to sit down but you can’t sit down the shower, never mind feeling uncomfortable but you probably won’t get back up again because your muscles are not strong enough anymore. A fold-up shower seat will be perfect for you to use while you shower and maybe some days you won’t even need it but when you do, you simply fold it out.

Women to shave their legs
It is quite difficult for women to shave their legs in the shower because they have to stand and bend the whole time which can be quite harsh on the back. Not to mention the fact that the lathered soap keeps getting washed off by the falling water. With a fold-up shower seat, you can sit comfortably while shaving your legs and still enjoy the brisk activity that is showering.

People suffering from arthritis
People who suffer from arthritis will have joint pain almost all day and it can be quite uncomfortable to shower as you have to stand the entire time. Having a seat in the shower will allow you to take a load off your joints while you get squeaky clean.

People with back problems
People with back problems should avoid standing for long periods of time but even a shower could be quite painful for severe cases. A fold-up shower seat will allow to sit while you wash yourself and take the pressure off your back.

Kwalkraft specialise in fold-up shower seats that can be custom made to your unique specifications.

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