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Car Camping and Creature Comforts: Staying cosy in the outdoors

There’s nothing quite like spending some quality time in the great out-doors, camping beneath the starlight, staying warm by the fire and enjoying the sounds of the surrounding wilderness; except perhaps finding a way to do all of that with all of your creature comforts around you. A hot mug of espresso, yes please! How about a quick movie or a good night’ sleep suspended far above the hard, icy ground?

These devices will take the discomfort out of camping, and all you need to use them correctly is a car; which you should have had in the first place.

Portable fridges

While cooler boxes are all fine and well, they can be a little bit of a hassle and can become unsanitary quite quickly if left unattended. Besides this, they do very little to keep food warm should the need arise. If only there was some sort of portable refrigerator or heater you could take with you when you go camping. Oh wait, there is!

Variously sized and styled portable fridges that also act as warmers can be purchased from camping stores or even on So, scour around.

Qubiq Modules

Turn your car into a comfortable and efficient place for storage, sleeping and even washing up with conveniently designed camper box systems that can be fitted to your vehicle. They are far cheaper and less permanent than conversions, and work just as well.

Roof Mounted Tents

If you love camping but can’t stand the thought of what might be crawling through your tent, then you’ll love having a roof mounted tent. They come in various sizes to suit your needs as well as the abilities of your car to give you an elevated, comfortable and stable night’s sleep above the roof of your car. This gives you protection from bugs, wild animals, and festival party-goers.

Car Mounted LED work Lights

When the sunsets over your campsite, a lack of electricity can make it difficult to see what you are doing, especially when preparing food or searching for something in your tent. Chase that gloom away with energy efficient, car mounted LED lights which won’t drain your battery, aren’t intrusive and provide more than ample light.

A sizeable and reliable roof-rack

You’re probably taking stock of all of these nifty appliances and wondering, ‘but how on Earth am I supposed to carry all of this with me?’ Well the answer is a fairly simple one, get yourself a roof-rack.

Roof-racks give you an astounding level of extra space, so that you can either take more stuff with you when you go camping, or you could simply ensure that the ride there is a whole lot more comfortable.

Unless you already make good use of a trailer, a roof-rack will make your trip all the more comfortable, consider getting one manufactured, or take a look at the range of stainless steel racks provided by Kralkraft, an engineering firm in Cape Town.

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