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Can a Bull Bar Protect Your Vehicle During a Collision?

Can a bull bar really protect your vehicle or are they just pretty to look at? Well, there are many variables to consider but below are a few of the key points.

If you are looking at protecting the rear of the vehicle, there are almost no after-market parts that will fit the rear of the vehicle. There are some companion rear bumpers that are sold with front bull bars or brush guards. These rear bumpers are heavier than stock bumpers but they are more for providing solid points of attachment for pulling and towing. These won’t provide much protection against a rear impact and they can actually increase the damage depending on the speed of the rear impact. They can cause the frame of the vehicle to be bent or damaged.

Bull bars in the front of the vehicle often come in two types, ones that are just for looks and others that are intended for impact. Many of the chrome plated bull bars that you see on vehicles today are just for looks. Shiny bull bars do not always mean they are just for looks but most of the bumpers intended for impact are painted black. This is because they are expected to come into contact with rocks, trees, earth and bushes. Touching up the black paint is far easier than repairing a scratched chrome bull bar.

Some vehicles will have the stock bull bar that came on the vehicle as well as an extra one that is meant for impact. The guard bull bar is often not bolted to the frame and it is connected to other body parts using light screws. During a front impact, the attachments will be pulled out, tearing parts of the body. The bull bar will then fold up into the grill of the vehicle. All of this will happen before the shock absorbers in the stock bull bar get a chance to do anything. The collision that would’ve resulted in a nasty blemish on your vehicle has now resulted in damage to the radiator support as well a smashed grill.

Bull bars that are designed for impacts should fully replace the stock bull bar. They should be bolted directly onto the frame of the vehicle which will transfer any force directly to the frame of the vehicle. This will protect some of the softer parts such as the fender, the grill and the radiator. There are many options available to you and Kwlakraft will deliver exactly what you need.

Whether you need a bull bar like this will depend on where and how you drive the vehicle. Kwalkraft manufacture some of the prettiest and strongest bull bars available today. Contact us for a quote.

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