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Bull Bars

I’m sure you have noticed the shiny, often stainless steel or chrome construction at the front of a 4×4, truck or bakkie. These are called bull bars. Bull bars are constructed from tough steel and they are made by heating and bending the steel into appropriate shapes. The separate shapes are then welded together to construct a strong, durable, protective piece of equipment that is then fitted to the vehicle in question.

The grill on the front end of any vehicle is quite soft and they are easily damaged. Just hitting a bird while driving can smash your front girl into pieces. In the case of off-roading, all it takes is a branch or a concealed boulder to break your front bumper as well as your grill, leaving you with some very expensive damages.

But with a bull bar from Kwalkraft, you can protect the vulnerable bits at the front of your vehicle, not to mention they look great on the front of a big 4×4 and they add an element of aggression and robustness to the vehicle. You almost feel like you can drive into anything without damaging the vehicle. Sometimes you may even feel like pushing traffic out of the way with your bull bar or simply driving over the other vehicles, we feel your pain and traffic sucks.

Bull bars are especially useful for off-roading and it is very important to protect the grill of your vehicle as that’s where the air intake is situated on most vehicles. The underside of your vehicle also needs to be protected as well as the skid plates and other vulnerable parts. This makes your vehicle far tougher and it will be able to handle much harsher terrain such as rock crawling. Bull bars can also help you get through bushy areas or areas where there are small trees. It is not advisable to simply drive over everything, leaving a trail of broken baby trees in your path but when you have no choice, a bull bar will help you push over these trees and bushes quite easily and you can continue on your journey.

Besides the protective properties of bull bars, they also simply look great on the front of a 4×4. 4×4 vehicles that don’t have bull bars aren’t quite as manly as the ones that do.
Kwalkraft are the experts in tube bending and they construct some of the best bull bars available. If you are looking for a new bull, look nowhere else but right here.

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