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Why You Should Use Shower Seats

Grab rails are rails that you install in your bathrub or shower in order to help you move around. You will find them in handicapped bathroom stalls, clinics, hospitals and bathtubs. There are many advantages of getting grab rails installed in your home. For example, it will assist in safely moving around in your bathroom, as getting in and out the shower may sometimes be a hassle. If you have frail knees, this will help take some pressure off of rising from the commode. If you need something to loan on, grab rails provide just that.

As your body gets older, it starts to slow down and move differently. This makes it difficult to get in and out the shower. With grab rails, this is made easy. Since you are able to put them anywhere in the shower, you may have something to hang on to at waist height or standing level. If you are someone that prefers bathing rather than standing in the shower, having a grab rail at tub level allows you to push or pull yourself up on.

Grab rails are especially important if you have elderly parents of relatives staying with you. These bars provide extra support needed to lift from the toilet which is a safer alternative. It is also extremely useful for those who are handicapped.

If climbing out the shower is not a problem, maybe you have trouble getting up from the toilet. If you install grab rails on each side, this problem is eaily eliminated. Grab rails come in a range of shapes and sizes so that you are able to fit them in the tightest spaces. Grab rails are peened, which means that they are a little rough and less chance of your hands slipping.

Grab rails are an important part to the safetly of a disabled or elderly person who stays at home. These items are manufacturered so that people are able to move around safely in an area that can be dangerous to anyone. Children also benefit from grab rails when standing in a tub so they do not slip.

Here at Kwalkraft, we manufacture our own range of high-end stainless-steel grab rails, for use by the elderly as well as physically challenged individuals. Apart from the standard grab rails, we also build customized rails in order to cater for situations where standard products are unsuitable.

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