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7 Places to Install Grab Rails

Grab rails are a very common thing that we need around the house and our everyday lives for safety, but when we need to safe proof our house for visitors, kids, and physically impaired, we wouldn’t know where to start. Here are some insights 7 places that we could install grab rails so that our surroundings can be safe and our houses can be made homes. And safe ones at that!

1. Buses & trains – grab rails in buses and trains are a common thing, you might however want to check if there are sufficient grab rails in the buses and trains you travel in, because they can get quite full, and when they are, it’s very inconvenient with everyone falling on each other. And nobody wants to end a long day from work like that. If you find that you’re a public transport owner, or you travel by public transport, and there is a problem with insufficient, you might want to consider reporting the problem to the transport provider so that everyone benefits and public transport is improved.

2. Motor Bikes – Motor bikes need to be as safe as possible, for both rider and passenger. Installing a grab rail on the back of your bike for days when you have a passenger, is great for the passenger to grip on and for a bit of back support. It also prevents them from sliding off the back of your bike. The higher the grip the better!

3. Toilet Sides – if you have toddlers and elderly people in your family frequently visiting or living with you, toilet grips are a must. It would be utterly embarrassing for anyone to fall while trying to get up from the toilet and hurt themselves.

4. Bathtub – as stated before, grab rails are needed when toddlers and elderly family members frequent or stay with you! Save yourself from embarrassment and extra work. It’s great to have your home inviting to your family and friends.

5. Shower – if you have shower seats, grab rails must go with it. For complete ease of use for both products.

6. Poolside – if you have a pool, grab rails are great to have for safety of the whole family including yourself. Even if the pool is “not that deep”. To keep accidents from happening to anyone in your home, have grab rails installed as soon as possible.

7. Staircases – usually staircases have grab rails alongside them, but for homes with fancier staircases, that might not be the case. If you’re afraid of ruining the staircase design, have custom made grab rails made to compliment your design.

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