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5 Car Steel Bar Accessories

Steel bars are made unique for each car and have different uses for each car. But if you aren’t a car owner, like me, and have no clue about steel bars, you might want to read this article to learn a thing or two, just like I did when doing research for this article.

Here are 5 different steel bars you can modify your car with:

1. Bull Bars – A bull bar or push bumper is a device installed on the front of a vehicle to protect its front from collisions, whether an accidental collision with a large animal in rural roads, or an intentional collision with another vehicle in police usage. They range considerably in size and form, and are normally composed of welded steel or aluminium tubing. Where cattle are more prominent and where larger four-wheel drive vehicles are used, drivers use larger steel bull bars. As a safety feature bull bars are built so cars in rural areas aren’t badly damaged when animals happen to run into cars.

2. Bike Racks – A metal bar attached to a car for transporting bicycles.

3. Nudge Bars – Generally fitted to sedans and small SUVs, and consist of light aluminium or polycarbonate tubing that protects only the radiator grille and areas without replacing the bumper bar. These can’t be confused with bull bars even though they’re very similar.

4. Side Steps – is a steel plate on the side of a truck or big vehicle. It must have a good grip or rubber layer on the plate to make it slip resistant. This is to create ease when climbing into trucks or big vehicles.

5. Roll-over Bars – a metal bar running up the sides and across the top of a vehicle, especially one used in motor sport, strengthening its frame and protecting the occupants if the vehicle overturns. It can also be associated with a roll cage, because it serves a similar purpose. A roll cage is a specially engineered and constructed frame built in the passenger compartment of a vehicle to protect its occupants from being injured in an accident, particularly in the event of a roll-over.

I hope you learnt as much as I did! If you’re interested in getting any one of these accessories, visit Kwalkraft today!

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