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Why You Should Use Shower Seats

As the name suggests, shower seats offer you a spot to sit down during your shower. But they do a lot more than that. Shower seats raises your showering experience, allowing you to feel as if you are showering at the spa. Below are six reasons why shower seats are a great use.

Stress Reducing & Relaxing

At the end of a stressful day, it is a luxury to unwind under hot water. With a shower seat, your shower experience will become a lot more relaxing, offering you a comfortable spot to sit and rest. Simply sit down and allow water to wash away the stress.

Make Life Easier

How many times have you thought to yourself that it would be simpler to be able to shave your legs when sitting down? Shower seats allow carious shower-related activities including shaving legs a lot easier.

Support Injury & Alleviate Pain

Shower seats are extremely useful during times of pain and injury. Maybe you have sprained your ankle and it is difficult to stand for a long period of time. If you are suffering from other kinds of disabilities, such as a back pain, shower seats allow you to experience benefits of showering for an extended amount of time


Shower seats are extremely practical. For example, they are able to relieve pain related with bending over to bathe children or pets, offering a more efficient and painless solution.


Elderly people and children benefit from a shower seat as this eliminates the risk of slipping in the shower. You are able to feel comfortable knowing that you are safe in the shower with the shower seat.

Provide Added Storage

Most shower seats come equipped with a shelf underneath, this allows you to keep all shower essentials easily accessible and out of the way.

Additionally, adding a shower seat to your bathroom allows more ways to turn your bathroom in

Kwalkraft is a Cape Town based engineering firm that specializes in the manipulation of stainless steel and nonferrous metal tubing for construction, marine, automotive and industrial applications. Our products include grab rails, shower seats and more. Visit our website for more information today!

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