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Kwalkraft Metal And Stainless Steel

Kwalkraft is a Cape Town based engineering firm that specializes in the supply of stainless steel products and the manipulation of stainless steel and nonferrous metal tubing for construction, marine, automotive and industrial applications. Kwalkraft manufacture our own range of high-end stainless steel grab rails, for use by the elderly as well as physically challenged individuals. Apart from the standard grab rails, we also build customized rails in order to cater for situations where standard products are unsuitable.

Apart from this product line, we focus entirely on the needs of our clients. For the construction industry, we assist companies that specialize in the fabrication of balcony railings, balustrades and staircases, by replacing the use of weld-in bends with bent-up sections. This dramatically reduces the number of welds on a job.

For our clients in the automotive industry, we bend the tubes for exhaust manifolds, water pipes, bull bars and roll bars.

At Kwalkraft our marine industry clients use us to bend tubing for deck fittings, such as radar arches, push pits and pull pits, as well as machinery pipes.

For Kwalkraft’s industrial clients, we focus on the construction of complete machine frames or frame components.

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